Every Little Selfless Effort is Gigantic

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Common Giving is a grassroot organization that aims to amplify the impact of the existing charities and non-profits primarily through fundraising. In 2016, Common Giving decided to extend its operation to provide pro-bono digital services to its partners and like-minded organizations under the banner of 'Common Giving Labs'. Currently, our primary areas of focus are orphan sponsorship, education, and responding to urgent relief.

How We Help

We boost the impact of charity and non-profit organizations

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Build Partnership

We build partnership with like-minded organizations, mostly charities and non-profit organizations.

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Become Advocates

We reach out to our existing and potential donors and volunteers to contribute to their cause.

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Amplify Impact

We amplify the abilities of our partners by leveraging those untapped resources around us

Our Impact

In 2016

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Raised over C$10,000

We have raised over 10,000 CAD in 2016

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Diverse Cause

Majority of our contribution went to orphan sponsorship, education, and urgent relief

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Global Impact

Our contributions reached many corners of the world, including Syria, Bangladesh, Somalia, and Canada


Orphan Sponsorship

You can change someone's life just by donating less than what you spend for coffee.

Sponsoring an orphan is one of the most beautiful things you can do. You will be amazed to know how a big of an impact in someone's life you can have just with so little effort and donation. Depending on where you would like to send help, the cost of orphan sponsorship may vary. It could also vary by the partners we work with.



Education is the foundation of a prosperous generation. Everything you spend on education is an investment for a better future.

Education is a privilege not granted to many. It is crucial for a stable and prospering society. There are countless people who have both talent and verve but are unable to pursue their studies because of economical conditions and lack of resources. The money you contribute will help them achieve their dreams.


Urgent Relief

There are too many people around the globe who need urgent assistance - just to survive one more day. Please donate generously for this cause.

Be it a natural disaster, medical emergency, or war casualties, a little help at the right moment can save someone's life.


Digital Services / Common Giving Labs

Common Giving is providing pro-bono digital services to its partners under the banner of 'Common Giving Labs'

Our services include user experience design, visual design, and development of light-weight websites and static mobile apps.

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We collaborate with like-minded altruists. This is essentially one of the primary goals of ‘Common Giving’: to act as a catalyst in the projects of similar organizations to make life better for the underprivileged population of the world.


What our friend organzations say about us


We are a team of volunteers and altruists

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Founder, Design and Development Lead, Donor and Friend Relations Manager

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Content Manager

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Photographer, Campaign Manager

Get Involved

Whether you want to be a friend organization or a volunteer or a donor or... just want to say hi, please feel free to get in touch

Location: In our virtual office, our team members collaborate from Canada, Bangladesh, Malaysia.